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Online Marketplace Local Eats

Buy fresh ingredients for your hospitality business directly from local farmers & food artisans. No markups and middlemen. 

Online MarketplaceLocal Eats

Buy fresh ingredients for your hospitality business directly from local farmers & food artisans. No markups and middlemen. 

Benefits of Shopping on Local Eats

We work with

  • Hotels, resorts
  • Restaurants, cafes
  • Food festivals
  • Catering businesses
  • Organizers of food workshops
  • University culinary courses

Why to purchase food ingredients on Local Eats

Fresh ingredients from farms & food artisans

Delight your guests with delectable dishes crafted from fresh, local Canadian ingredients. Whether you choose ingredients from a small Nunavut farm or a generations-old Alberta family farm, your support fosters resilience and community among local producers.

No product markups

Local Eats eliminates the 30-40% markup common among resellers. Prices are set directly by vendors, ensuring fair costs for all. Vendors also handle delivery, streamlining the process for efficiency, eco-friendliness and speed. Our part is to support their efforts so that everyone benefits in this ecosystem.

Transparency & trust

Experience real transparency and trust. Every product on our platform features a QR code with a wealth of information about the producer – from stories and photos to farm details & certifications. The best part, you can participate in our QR Code program and attach these QR Codes to your menus or websites. This level of clarity lets your guests see the origins of their dishes, building a connection with growers and promoting a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

Possibilities for businesses

Local Eats is your direct link to connect with and buy from local food & beverage producers.

01. Procurement

Seamless management of your inventory from one place. Remain direct connection with sellers, receive live order updates and more for total culinary control.

02. Smart recipes

Creating delightful dishes is effortless as our platform tracks ingredients & notifies you of changes. Explore ingredients from local producers right inside your recipes.

03. Insights

Real-time data provides information about food costs, stock and expenses. 

How to find a seller & build connection?

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Our Story

Learn more about Local Eats team, and what inspired us to create this platform.

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