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Discover, Connect & Shop Directly FromLocal Food & Beverage Producers

Our platform streamlines your journey to a dynamic market of wholesale and retail products by directly connecting you with local farms, food and beverage producers across Canada. We’re creating an ecosystem where every link in the chain works together to redefine how we source, buy and experience the local products.

Buy Local

Discover and buy unique products directly from local farms and producers. With full transparency, you can see the origin of every product and the face behind it. 

Sell Local

From artisan cheesemakers to
large-scale crop producers, our platform maximizes your access to local market through an innovative cross-platform super app.

Serve Local

Access a vibrant network of local producers to buy fresh ingredients for your business. We eliminate traditional middlemen for flexible wholesale and retail shopping,. 

How Local Eats Works

Benefits of shopping with Local Eats

Local Eats is your go-to platform for finding the freshest, locally sourced food products. No markups, only authentic connections, and full transparency regarding unique food products from your neighbours.

01. Discover what local truly means...

Discover locally produced items from your neighbours. With full transparency on Local Eats, you can see the origin of every product and the face behind it. This way, you can form connections you’ve never had before and make an impact you’ve never thought was possible.

02. Boost local economy...

Local Eats helps you support community by connecting you with local farms & food artisans. According to a study by Civic Economics, local businesses return 68% of their revenue to the local economy, while chain stores only return 43%. By choosing local, you help create more jobs and opportunities in your area.

03. Know the impact you're making...

The Waste Reduction Week in Canada research estimated 58% of food produced in Canada is lost or wasted yearly, costing the Canadian economy $49 billion. Shockingly, 32% of this food, or 11.2 million tonnes, could be rescued to support Canadian families & communities. 

04. Connect directly with local vendors...

Connect directly with farmers, artisans and food producers in your community on Local Eats. Build meaningful relationships that lead to stronger social ties and happier communities, while helping to preserve the culture and identity of your community. It’s time to vote for local! 

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Explore the benefits of centralizing your food & beverage business on Local Eats.

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