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A Super App For Local Patriots.

Buy food & beverage products directly from local producers and farms, eliminating the middlemen and product markups. 

A Super App For Local Patriots.

Buy food & beverage products directly from local producers and farms, eliminating the middlemen and product markups.

Discover & build relationships with producers

Discover unique and locally produced items you’ve never seen before from producers in your local area. With full transparency on Local Eats, you can see the origin of every product and the face behind it.

This way, you can form connections you’ve never had before and make an impact you’ve never thought was possible

Cross-platform application, iOS, Android, Web

AI Shopping

No Product Markups,
Full Transparency

Direct-to-producer experience

Connect directly with farmers, artisans and producers in your community through an instant chat feature. Explore what’s around you through an interactive map. Find unique educational and on-farm experiences.

Build meaningful relationships that lead to stronger social ties and happier communities, while helping to preserve the food culture and identity of your community.

Flexible delivery & pickup options

Interactive map & powerful product search

Instant chat for
direct connection

Earn achievements & collectible badges

Local Eats achievements and badges is the first of its kind rewards program in Canada! We reward our active users, as well as those who take pleasure in acquiring unique digital collectibles (not NFTs 😁). 

By collecting badges and actively using the Local Eats app, you unlock exclusive perks, offers and experiences, including higher cashback, on-farm experiences, deals and more!

Gamified collectible

Cashback & rewards for spending local

Exclusive experiences, perks and offers

Food & beverage producers you can buy from on Local Eats

Impact local economies

With Local Eats, you can discover and appreciate the work of Indigenous and other producers who use traditional and sustainable methods to grow diverse foods. By choosing Local Eats, you are supporting local businesses and helping to protect and celebrate Canada’s rich cultural and natural heritage. 

You can also track your impact on local economies, understand your food-related expenses and learn how your actions benefit communities.

Educational & on-farm experiences

Individual impact


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Our Story

Learn more about Local Eats team, and what inspired us to create this platform.

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Explore many benefits of shopping on Local Eats for your hospitality business. 

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